Text 19 Apr 1 note when some nights smell like nuts and fallen fruit

     for my sister

the stories say
on the night of the incised moon
the fallen star-knight
goes to the highest mountain
with his pockets full
of triangular nutmegs
and pulled-apart orange peels
he will wait on the highest peak
until his fellow stars come out
dancing around the incised moon
and he will throw his trinkets
their favourite foods
at the sky one-by-one

he will do this every year
until the night comes
that they take him home

Day 19: Write a poem using one or more of the seashell names in the list.

Text 18 Apr 3 notes snow mage song

From the highest mountain peak,
Its magic my ancestors did seek.
Their quest the mountain lights did bless,
The power of cold, to freeze river and creek!

Ice and snow is mine to command,
Frost and sleet my blood and my band.
My enemies fear me, the maelstrom to come –
The furious blizzard coming from my own hand!

Come white fox, come reindeer,
Come wolf, bear and robin dear,
Let us dance to the cold wind’s song,
To welcome the winter coming near!

I raise my voice to the mountain lights,
To strengthen my magic for frolic and fights,
To continue blessing the snow mage through time,
From snow-coated mornings to cold frosted nights!

Day 18: Write a ruba’i/rubaiyat.

Text 17 Apr 1 note turning oysters in the sand

clarity out of the grain;
crystalline, ice floating at sea
against a teal-colored sky,
waves gently lapping against
the smoothness. water and ice
on my tongue, cool and crisp,
purity down my throat and through
my ears. a tinkling, a pealing, a ringing out
of a voice like crystals, piano keys
like the flow of the ocean. imagine
walking on sand, wading through
saltwater, the sharp roughness of rocks
and oyster shells before finally,
against your palms, the gentle sheen
of mother-of-pearl.

Day 17: Write a poem that uses at least three of the five senses to describe something.

Text 16 Apr 1 note little known facts

The Milky Way is the only galaxy in the whole universe.

Your favourite pasta was invented by the Spanish.

The couple in the apartment above yours still lives there.

Water’s chemical component is HO2.

Minneapolis and St. Paul are found in Wisconsin.

Rabbits are considered sacred to Scientologists.

The fighting from the apartment upstairs weeks before was from the TV.

The Japanese invented vodka in 789 C.E.

Your pet cat will live up to be over 9000 years old.

The couple in the apartment above yours is still together.

Day 16: Write a 10-line poem where every line is a lie.

Text 15 Apr 3 notes a brief description of the accused before her execution (169x a.d.)

They say the girl was a witch’s daughter
and that two nights ago, she cast a spell
that sent all the local girls to the slaughter –

made them sick, drove them mad, gave them hell.
Look how she stares, unremorseful
as she marches to the gallows by the well,  

smiling like a cat, satisfied and full.

Day 15: Write a terza rima.

Text 15 Apr 2 notes den lille havfrue

What is the sea made up of?
Is it made of tears and sea foam?

Is it true what grandfather says
     that once mermaids lived in the ocean?
And there was once one
     who loved a human so much
          that she traded away her voice
               and walked with knives in her legs
                    just to be with him?
And is it true
       that he didn’t love her back
            and he married someone else?

Why didn’t he love her?

Is it true what grandfather says
     that to turn back into a mermaid
          one would have to kill the human
               and drink his blood?
But she didn’t, did she?
Why did she let him live
     and instead dive back into the sea
          to become tears and sea foam?

Why is it that
     every time grandfather takes me to the sea
          I can hear singing?

That is what love is, my dear.

Day 14: Write a poem comprised of questions, except for the last sentence.

Text 14 Apr 2 notes the beekeeper

do you know who i am
she said
i’m the one who taps you on the shoulder
when it’s your time
-the beekeeper, tori amos

the beekeeper went out in the morning
to take a walk in the orchard

the orchard was covered by earth clouds
that put the trees to sleep

the beekeeper walked through the haze
face shrouded in a veil

the bees danced around the old oak
where the lovers slept

the beekeeper kissed one of the lovers
and took his hand

the lover’s spirit lifted from his body
and joined the beekeeper

they walked into the underworld
while the other lover slept

the bees danced around the old oak
and danced and danced

Day 13: Write a poem that includes at least one kenning.

Text 12 Apr 3 notes some facts about lethargy

The domestic lethargy is a small, usually furry,
domesticated, and carnivorous
mammal. Lethargies use two
hunting strategies, either stalking prey
actively, or
waiting in ambush
until an animal comes close enough
to be captured. Despite being solitary
hunters, lethargies are a
social species. Lethragies are
the most popular pet in the world,
and are now found
in almost every place
where humans live.

According to a myth
in many cultures,
lethargies have
multiple lives.

Day 12: Take a common noun, find sentences that contain the noun, replace the noun with an abstract concept, and create a poem from the sentences with the replaced word.
Sentences taken from the Wikipedia article for cats.

Text 11 Apr 1 note how (not) to console a drunk friend who recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years

The barman says they close at one
But we’re still sitting here at twelve
With you pouring in glass after glass
And me just there, staring.

Your face is getting redder and redder
As red as the wine you’ve consumed all night
As red as her hair, you sob in your drink
I roll my eyes, oy vey.

C’mon now, buddy – it’s been six weeks
It’s obvious you and she are through
So please, can we just let it go already?
Hey, hey! – stop drinking!

Drink too much, your liver’s bust
And why drink wine, of all things, to forget?
It’s not helping, you know, it won’t let her go
Besides, there are better drinks.

The barman says they’ll be closing soon
So let’s get you out of here and go back home
Hopefully you’ll start moving on tomorrow
Love’s overrated, anyway.

Day 11: Write an Anacreontic poem or an anti-Anacreontic poem.

Text 10 Apr 2 notes total movie riff off

We’ll send him cheesy movies
The worst we could find
He’ll have to sit and watch them all
And we’ll monitor his mind
- theme song to Mystery Science Theater 3000

The movie’s awful boring
and its standards really low,
so what’s a guy to do
to save his mind and save the show?

Take a couple of good friends,
the funniest ones in town,
then get a front row seat
and knock the bad flick a peg down!

Let’s keep the jokes flying,
make funny ‘til unable!
And then you’ll find your movie
is now more  fun and bear-a-ble!

Day 10: Write an advertisement poem.

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